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Uncommon Architectural Places




Commercial & High-End Residential Architecture / Interior Design

-Award Winning Architectural and Interior Design since 1979 -

New England - Midwest - Florida

NNCC and TEAM Buildings Rendering.jpg
NNCC and TEAM Buildings Rendering.jpg

A.W.Nardi - Uncommon Architectural Places has been honored to work for a wide range of Public and Private Clients on Projects both In New England, the Midwest and Florida.  

A.W.Nardi has consulted clients in other countries including Italy, Brazil and India. Hundreds of Projects have been successfully completed with Individual Construction Costs of up to $20 Million per Project. 

UAP has recently re-branded as the UAP-Renaissance Team as it moved into the next generation of Architectural, Interior Design, Planning and Project Management already utilizing the future tools of our Industry...including 2D and 3-D Computer Aided Drafting and Imaging. Yet they are one of the few Architectural Firms which can still provide Hand-Drawings and Renderings for its Clientele. 

A.W.Nardi has been an expert witness in a variety of Court Cases both on the Offense and Defense Teams with issues relating to Construction and Building Codes.  He was an editor of the 9th Edition of Ramsey Sleeper Architectural Graphic Standards - Barrier Free Design Standards which have been used as the basis for many Handicapped Accessibility Codes since the 1980's. 

UAP-Renaissance Team brings the best of all Architectural, Engineering, Artistic, and Construction Experience to each Project as required.  Every Project is considered a priority to this office. UAP is a firm where the principals are key managers and hands-on staff for every Project. 

UAP has been successful in completing a variety of Project Types including but not limited to:  
High-End Residential
Office Buildings
Medical Facilities and Offices
Community Buildings
Multi-Family and Private Condominium Projects
Barrier Free Retrofitting

Feng Shui Analysis and Space Reduction Planning







and has worked on a variety of Franchise Projects including National and International Clientele

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